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Two Acre Wood in Sebastopol consists of 14 households with 22 adults and various kids and teens. The toddlers we moved in with have gone off to college or to lives of their own. Grandchildren visit often. Three somewhat new families have several small children. Our community has a fully stocked and functioning common house to extend your space and interact with the community. The common house has a multi-purpose room, kitchen, lounge, guest room, laundry room, bathroom. COVID PRECAUTIONS: During pandemic restrictions, our Common House is only open to residents. We have temporarily stopped having meals together inside but do have an occasional outdoor socially distanced meal together.

We also have gorgeous community landscaping, fruit trees, vegetable garden, picnic areas, and more. The top of the property is a preserved oak woodland that has play space, a deck, a treehouse, a dog run and nice open space for the squirrels and birds!

We will be maintaining a list of people who might be interested in purchasing or renting a unit should one become available. If you would like to be on a notification list for future openings, email your name, email address and phone number to However, since we moved in in 1999, only three houses have turned over, so we are pretty settled in. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER ON THIS WEB SITE. Questions via email will be answered.

We currently have no houses for sale or rent.


Our new veggie garden:


Socially distanced outdoor meeting:

Our community in 2015

Our Community in our woods, May, 2007

Our kids - ages 1 to 17 (as of May, 2007)

Most of them are in high school or college now!

View looking down from the upper duplex

Pictures on the left are the inside of a house that sold in November, 2005 - our first to change hands since we moved in in 1999.

Bogey the dog passed away in June, 2015. :(

A backyard

Girls in the oaks

An upper duplex near the woods

View downhill from that duplex

Game at a community meeting in the Common House

View down the hill to plaza from the woods

Our community at move-in - Summer, 1999

Neighbors enjoying the view with woods behind them.

Kids' Room - now the guest room

Plaza and Common House looking up towards the woods.

Our Solar PV system powers all the HOA electric needs.

Spring garden delights

Treehouse erected in November 2009

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