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Examples of Recruitment Videos

American Red Cross Blood Bank

This is an animated opening graphic.

By describing the process of giving blood and presenting testimonials from both donors and recipients of donated blood....

we created a program that can be used to attract future blood donors.

This video is taken to businesses and community groups as part of the Blood Bank's recruitment process.

College of Marin - Teacher Education Program, "Teaching Is For Me"

"...we have been very pleased with the quality of "Teaching is for Me" ...Thank you, Marty, for understanding early on in our collaboration what we wanted to accomplish. You committed to our very ambitious timetable, and you delivered on time."

~ Judith Martin, Ph.D., Director, Teacher & Reading Development Partnership

This video was produced to attract new students to the TRDP Program at College of Marin.

A "beauty shot" was used for the opening title slate.

Returning students looking for a career change and paraprofessionals wanting to be teachers are prime candidates for this program.

Classroom experience early in the academic process is emphasized as a unique aspect of the TRDP program.

The beauty of the campus is an attractive feature of the program, so it is subtly woven in.

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